Eco-friendly Moto Bike + Eco-friendly Moto Biker: Doubly Sustainable Statement + Enviro Opp


Electric bike sales are rising massively around the globe. In the US in 2020 e-bike sales grew by a phenomenal 145%!


E-bikes are an eco-friendly form of transportation because of lower carbon footprint, no release of dangerous chemicals into the air like car or bus, batteries easily recycled and health benefits place less burden on the health-care system.


Pair the e-bike with a James&Co biker jacket tailored in cruelty-free non-toxic lab-grown or plant-based lether™and that means more favourable eco impact.


eco friendly moto bike & eco friendly moto biker jacket

The jacket is partially bio-degradable and it's manufacture has not involved use of chemicals and less CO2 emission because of the sustainable fabrics it's tailored in.  Not in the traditional polyurethane which has toxic chemical and needs to be ditched for the sake of the environment and workers. 


Read more in our book For The Planet By 2030: Why We Must Switch To Sustainable Letherwhich is available at small cost on Amazon. 


Get in touch retailers of e-bikes & accessories to discuss a partnership with James&Co. And we're part of the journey together to enhancing the environment. 

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