How Coronavirus Impacts James&Co's Operations: Let's Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

This is a difficult time for all with the global spread of coronavirus. Challenges to health and disruptions to business. Our thoughts are with our fellow people everywhere.
We want to let you know how James&Co is positioned through the crisis. In short, we are directly impacted up and down the suppy chain.
Our branded products, and products which we private/white label, are tailored overseas. The sustainable vegan fabrics for all products are sourced overseas - China for sustainable vegan leather, Portugal for cork, Philippines & Spain for Pinatex.
With country shut-downs, our manufacturers & fabric suppliers have shut-down so orders placed with them cannot be fulfilled at this time. And it's an known when all will be back to work.
Our retail partners are global - in Australia and beyond. Customers of our retail partners are accordingly global. With the downturn in retail customer demand, and the unknown about delivery, fewer orders for James&Co are placed.
Looking To Turn Adversity Into Opportunity
James&Co has in place a business continuity plan so optimism is high that we will continue through to the other end.
We would like to work with our customers and suppliers to ensure continuity of business up and down the supply chain through the downturn.
Can we develop a collaborative strategy – for example
  • multi-level pre-orders
  • extended discounts
  • unique product offerings
Can we work together to achieve sustainability goals - to accelerate the work to achieve any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030? For example, with the break in brands and retailers being able to source raw materials and products, can we work together to achieve goals of reducing/diminishing reliance on raw materials that are harmful and replacing them with sustainable ones when the factories re-open?
 sdg 12
We are working on it and would love to receive insights and ideas we can develop collaboratively.

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