International Womens Day 2021: James&Co Is Founded & Run By A Woman

International Womens Day 2021: James&Co Is Founded & Run By A Woman

A woman is walked by is CEO by brandWhat better day to call out International Womens Day 2021 that the pioneering sustainable fashion brand James&Co is founded and run by a woman. 

It's worthy of a call-out because James&Co is not just a sustainable fashion brand.  It's the leader in its field of womens outerwear in cruelty-free lether™ (see more below about the word):

  • the leading apparel brand to ditch tailoring faux leather outerwear in toxic polyurethane and switch to new and innovative more sustainable fabrics: eco lether, cactus leaf lether, Pinatex pineapple leaf lether, VEGEA. Read more
  • the leading brand making the timeless classic biker and bomber jackets contemporary in sustainable leather fabrics
  • the first brand ever in Australia to achieve Bluesign® approval as a System Partner and the first brand globally to achieve such approval in respect of synthetic leather.  Read more for what this means for sustainability
  • the James&Co woman CEO wrote and published the book about the opportunities and necessities to switch to more sustainable lether

Of great significance is the leadership of changing the desriptor for synthetic leather - be it faux leather, vegan leather, leather look - to lether. This follows on  the decision by Italian courts in response to the Italian tanning industries' prosecution of is case to ban the use of the word 'leather' to describe any fabrics not derived from animals.  As with earlier global bans on using 'champagne' to describe sparkling wines not made in Champagne, France and bans in the EU on using dairy food names like 'milk' and 'cheese' to describe alternatives not derived from animals. Read more. 

We're leading the change from leather to lether(and trade-marking it). It's a simple change and easily descriptive of synthetic lether™ look fabrics without needed a double term. 


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