James&Co Is Introducing Bags Tailored in Apple Lether™.

James&Co Is Introducing Bags Tailored in Apple Lether™.

As known to readers, James&Co is a pioneer brand that ditched toxic polyurethane vegan leather for the emerging sustainable options. Our casualwear products are quality tailored in eco lether™ (water-based PU [WBPU] developed and manufactured in factories) and in plant-based materials.  Pinatex pineapple leaf lether, cactus leaf lether, VEGEA (grapeskins) - all of which are the plant of its name in combination with other non-toxic organic pigments and some amount of WBPU resulting in a partially-biodegradable and more sustainable leather look/lether™ material. You can read more about them here

Now underway for the James&Co brand is an introductory range of tote bags made in apple skin lether™. A bio-based material derived from organic apples grown in the Italian alps and a by-product of the apple juice industry. 

The innovative technology belongs to FRUMAT, an Italian company founded in 2008 in the northern region of Italy widely known for its apple production, FRUMAT was developed in response to the local issue of apple-waste and the increasing demand for ecological alternatives to leather and toxic faux/vegan leather. 

After juicing the apples harvested from an Italian orchard, the apple skins and pulp waste are then ground into a fine powder and harmless, non-toxic, organic pigment, combined with some amount of WBPU (can be up to 50%) and transforms into bio-based leather look. 

The repurposing of apple skin waste also keeps them from decomposing and producing methane that contributes to climate change. And the apple lether™ material is itself recyclable. 

The products we are initially making in apple lether™ are bags. But the material comes in a wide range of thicknesses and textures and can be adapted to apparel - so jackets, coats, trousers and gloves will not be long off.

For all retailers interested in more, contact us to discuss and let's form a retail partnership for the betterment of people, planet and animals. 








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