James&Co Adds Iconic Leggings In Sustainable Lether™ To Our Brand

James&Co Adds Iconic Leggings In Sustainable Lether™ To Our Brand

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Central to the James&Co brand are the classic style leather jackets which we tailor in more sustainable leather ('lether™' - see below *) alternative fabrics. Eco lether, cactus leaf leather and others.

Our jackets are sustainable because of the fabrics in which they are tailored.  They are actually doubly sustainable because they are the timeless fashion icon that will never go out of style so they last the test of time.

We are the pioneer brand bringing these classic styles of biker and bomber into contemporary sustainable fashion. 

We're pioneering again.  We're adding another timeless apparel piece to our brand - leggings. Iconic leggings that will last for seasons to come and never go out of style.

Leggings are tailored in a huge range of fabrics to fit in with a huge range of lifestyle activities. From spandex for sport to real leather for deluxe fashion. 

Our leggings are tailored in eco leather.  A premium fashion item for work or casual.

We wholesale only so please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

lara leggings in eco lether


 * We are pioneering the word 'lether' to replace the term 'leather' which traditionally denotes it is derived from animals.  The use of 'leather' in respect of fabric not derived from animals is now banned in Italy and will likely expand. Read more in this extract from our book For The Planet By 2030: Why We Must Switch To Sustainable Lether.

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