James&Co Sustainable Lether™ Jackets. No A = No Animal.

James&Co Sustainable Lether™ Jackets. No A = No Animal.


In a recent blog we posted about the new law in Italy regarding the use of the word 'leather':

In Italy in October 2020 legislation came into force that forbids the use of the word 'leather' in any way to describe materials not derived from the remains of animals - including its use in conjunction with other terms such as eco-leather, vegan leather, faux leather and other synthetic fabrics. 


It is interesting to see how this law shows applicability to a fabric made in Italy from which James&Co is able to make its sustainable vegan leather outerwear. 


The fabric is VEGEA fabric. Its manufacturer describes VEGEA as a 'vegan coated fabric' with its name coming from the combination of VEG (Vegan) and GEA (Mother Earth). And as a plant-based alternative material to synthetic oil-based non-renewable fossil-fuel based fabrics (traditional PU and PVC) and animal-derived ones (real leather). That's the sustainable vegan fabric in which James&Co manufactures. 


The fabric is uniquely developed by a process for converting wine waste known as grape marc - that is grape skins, stalks and seeds discarded during wine production - into a textile.

As with cactus vegan leather, VEGEA has a coating of WBPU to give it the leather look and texture so it is not yet fully biodegradable. 

You will see looking at the website that the word 'leather' or associated words like 'vegan leather' do not appear in the brand's title or any of its texts which presumably is required to comply with the law in Italy.  

This is an important development for all stakeholders in the vegan leather fabric and products markets to watch as moves continue to push the legislation to other countries.

If the use of the word 'leather' is banned in respect of non-animal based fabrics, will there be a move to brand-based names such as VEGEA or wider consideration of alternative names for synthetic leather?  Good for 'mylk' - good for 'lether'?  No A = No Animal. 


James&Co has decided to pioneer the use of an alternative name for a synthetic leather that complies with the law of Italy and likely other countries over time.  It sounds the same but is spelt differently from 'leather' so does not define a material derive from animals.

As we flagged in our recent post, we've opted for and are trade-marking the word 'lether'.  It's quite simple really. Taking out the 'a' indicates that it is not made from an animal and hence is not 'leather'.  We tailor our products in eco lether™, in cactus lether™, in Pinatex pineapple lether™.

We will be making amendments to all our platforms and collateral to reflect the name. 


James&Co sustainable lether outerwear


Welcome your comments on our pioneering move. 


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