Read Our Book: The Only Choice Is Change...To Sustainable Vegan Leather

Read Our Book: The Only Choice Is Change...To Sustainable Vegan Leather

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Many brands and retailers of traditional vegan leather products are not aware of the great change happening on the manufacturing side of the traditional polyurethane (PU) fabric that makes the vegan leather for fashion. In short, it will ultimately be phased out or banned due to environmental concerns in its manufacturing and concerns for workers due to the presence of a chemical called DMF in its manufacturing. 

90% of the world's PU is made in China and there has been an expansive response by the technology industry there to progress the making of environmentally sound PU - made with water and without DMF. 

There is regulation of chemicals with major impact as well as collaborative industry action on chemicals. And retailers globally are committed to sustainability policies which include responsible and sustainable sourcing for their brands and products. 

Major retailers in the EU such as Zara and H&M have already responded to remove the traditional faux leather fabric from their brands.

The book by James&Co founder Anne Hurley 'The Only Choice Is Change' is a comprehensive and informative tome for brands and retailers. 

The Only Choice Is Change
Please get the free book and devour its information.  

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