How A Sustainable Fashion Piece Helps Body Warmth, Adds Style & Helps Covid Safety: Gloves

How A Sustainable Fashion Piece Helps Body Warmth, Adds Style & Helps Covid Safety: Gloves

When once it was real leather gloves that evoked chic and style - now there's leather gloves - that we describe as lether™ by James&Co for chic and style.

And it is beyond doubt that the ever-evolving uses of and etiquettes for gloves has expanded and seen in a new era for gloves. 

James&Co sustainable lether™ gloves

For a fascinating history of fashion gloves, read this. 

'From scrubbing dishes to attending galas, gloves have gone down in history are the ultimate accessory and one of the most universal items in fashion. Somewhere between utilitarian and fashionable, gloves hold a variety of uses, from production methods, and cultural influences as a vehicle for a more complete, detailed look. Gloves have become an overlooked accessory over the past few decades utilized for the purpose of practicality rather than aesthetics. While accessorizing is oft-overlooked in daily wear, fashion gloves have been spotted all fashion month long. Whether it be Gigi Hadid clad in Off-White moto gloves or Moschino's Fall/Winter 2019 cash-pattered opera gloves, it seems this iconic accessory is here to stay.'

The article charts so much of the uses and etiquettes of gloves starting as far back as 440BC. Religious etiquette requiring the wearing of gloves in the Catholic Church, social etique advising women not to leave the house without wearing gloves, practical uses such as wearing gloves to avoid leaving finger prints at crime scenes, and wearing driving gloves to avoid getting splinters from wooden wheels. 

gloves with carkey

The story continues with the art deco styles of gloves from the 1920s through to metamorphosis of extremely fashionable gloves in the 1950s with the influence of renown European designers and prominent women. The 1960s simpler styles of gloves through to the 1970s and 1980s when womens liberation movements released the requirements to match accessories with outfits.

Hermes gloves

And, bringing it all full circle, gloves have become a statement accessory all on their own in 2019 and indicate a return to maximalist fashion and glamour. One of the notable advocates for the resurgence of the accessory was Karl Lagerfeld. Until his death in 2019, the designer who worked as the creative director for Chanel, Fendi, and his own eponymous line, rarely being seen without his iconic fingerless black gloves. "In the old protocol, it is important to say hello to somebody who is wearing gloves," he once said. "And you know, I cannot sketch if I have leather here [on my fingertips]."

So in 2021, where are we with the uses of and etiquette for gloves?

  • gloves have made a fashion renaissance
  • the market for cruelty-free and vegan products is growing at a great rate
  • consumers increasingly demand that the products they buy are sustainable
  • communication via mobile phone keyboards is essentially universal - hence touchscreen fullfinger gloves
  • and with the covid-19 pandemic, social norms such as handshaking are discouraged and all ways to avoid germ-spreading are constantly sought out
  • the description of gloves as 'leather gloves' is being restricted globally and over time to gloves made of fabrics actually derived from animals - hence the James&Co pioneering description of 'lether' - where No A = No Animal. 

So there you have it: gloves still aid body warmth in cold temperatures but now they usefully contribute to less germ-spreading, aid communication where touchscreen compability is tailored into gloves so texting and emailing and calling with gloves on is possible, glove fabrics are best in vegan alternative fabrics to real leather and are best in sustainable alternatives to the toxic polyurethane faux/vegan leather alternatives. 

The James&Co letherglove encompasses it all. Available in a range of styles and linings. 

james&Co sustainable lether gloves

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