Your Brand For Sustainable Vegan Leather Now Offers Men's Jackets & Gloves

Here at James&Co we get many inquiries about whether we tailor men's classic leather jackets in sustainable fabrics.


In earlier days, before we ditched the toxic traditional polyurethane which is the traditional vegan leather, we did 2 styles of men's jackets.  The Jack and the David. We sold them on Amazon and many other retail e-commerce platforms and they were extremely popular.


We have now brought back into our collections of sustainable vegan leather jackets the Jack and David styles - tailored in the eco-friendly fabric of choice: eco lether, cactus leaf leather, grape skin leather, and a new one on it's way.  Read about the alternative sustainable fabrics here


The styles in our men's jackets collection will increase.  Welcome your thoughts on what you'd like to see so please email to
You can also buy elegant men's gloves in sustainable vegan leather fabrics. 
mens gloves in sustainable vegan leather

In addition to their style these gloves have outstanding features:

  • they are 100% vegan as the the outer leather look fabric cruelty-free synthetic leather look fabric and all linings are cruelty-free fabrics
  • the outer leather look fabric is more sustainable and partially biodegradable. We call it lether because 'no a = no animal' and it complies with legislation of countries than ban the use of the word 'leather' in conjunction with a textile that is not derived from animals
  • the gloves are touch screen compatible
  • in the era of covid, gloves provide the great benefit of less spreading of germs
  • they-re doubly sustainable because they never go out of style

James&Co is leading the sustainable charge of leather look classic jackets and gloves.  Look forward to comments from customers and retailers.

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