Read The Authoritative Text 2nd ed: Transition From Toxic PU To Sustainable Vegan Leather Is A Must-Do

Read The Authoritative Text 2nd ed: Transition From Toxic PU To Sustainable Vegan Leather Is A Must-Do

We constantly monitor what is happening in the world of sustainability as it affects the niche that James&Co is in - that is, womens classic outerwear and accessories that are tailored in the best leather alternative fabrics that are  cruelty-free vegan and environmentally sustainable.  

We share the information so that other brands and retailers in the industry who make or sell vegan leather products can knowingly seize the opportunity to transition to the sustainable availabilities.  And partner with us to make it happen. 

2nd edition of The Only Choice Is Change

Our book is now into the 2nd edition to keep it relevant to what's driving the market now - especially the impact the coronavirus is having.  

The 1st edition of the book was published as the coronavirus was just beginning its spread and impacting businesses worldwide.  Now it is being seen that

‘…coronavirus is forcing businesses to build sustainability into their resilience plans for the future…  sustainability in the fashion industry is no longer a “nice to have”, but a mainstream and fundamental foundation from which forward-thinking brands and retailers will be able to attract investment – and customers, as they demand more ethical and environmentally friendly product. And the coronavirus crisis has focused attention as never before on the need to eliminate waste.’ Read more.

Additionally, according to experts, the vegan leather market is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the future, reaching a market volume of USD 85 billion by 2025. The main driver for this growth is the paradigm shift away from animal leather to vegan  leather – particularly synthetic leathers that are plant-based or developed by other technologies.  The demand for vegan leather is seen in applications across furnishing, automatives, clothing, bags, shoes and others.

The experts say that the soaring demand for vegan leather or is driven by a range of factors including:

  • the evolving consumer trends for vegan non-leather fashion and sustainable choices
  • mounting concerns over the impact of traditional leather on the environment
  • rising awareness regarding the attributes of vegan leather – including the sustainable attributes of plant-based vegan leathers which are being released and the manufactured leathers without chemical solvents and which are bio-degradable.

Download the book for the facts.  And please contact us to discuss partnership. 

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