Sustainability Combo: Eco Textiles + Timeless Classic Styles = James&Co Casualwear


James&Co is the pioneering brand of casual wear that tailors the classic outerwear jacket styles in sustainable synthetic lether™ fabrics. Doubly sustainable action - longevity in the style, responsible choice of textile.


To establish our credibility as a sustainable business, we have obtained certifications as a Certified B Corp, Peta-approved Vegan, Bluesign System Partner.  And aligned our business values with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You can read our sustainability targets and goals in our Sustainability Policy.  


It is a well-known fact that the fashion industry is the 2nd largest contributor to waste in the environment. It is fast fashion that takes it there. Designs that will be popular for only a season, in fabrics designed to disintegrate in the earth and not be re-cycled. Sustainability is not front and centre with these fast fashion brands.


So it is good to see the Australian Government taking action on an industry action plan to improve the sustainability of the clothing industry's textiles and products. The Environment Minister's Priority List for 2021-2022 has now included a list of recommended actions in respect of textiles for clothing.


Action 1 it spells out for the clothing industry to take between 2021-2025 reflects the action put in place by James&Co to reduce the volume of clothing being sent to landfill: the design and production of goods that facilitate longevity and reuse.


Our collections are jackets, coats, gloves styles that don't date. Blazers, biker jackets, trench coats, accessories that once you buy you will wear for years.  


Tailored in fabrics not designed to disintegrate.  But in fabrics which are partially bio-degradable and which do not contain toxic chemicals. Water based polyurethane, cactus leaf lether™, Pinatex pineapple leaf lether™.


Minister's Priority List



Our founder has also written a book about the need to ditch the toxic synthetic leathers.  Available now on Amazon. 


This book is about why the leather look synthetic fabric made in traditional polyurethane (PU) and commonly called faux or vegan leather has a limited future because of the impact it has on the environment and workers in its manufacturing process and its materials. No hypothetical about it. The replacement of PU with more sustainable eco vegan leathers has already started.
For The Planet By 2030

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