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  • From Little Things Big Things Grow: Taking Steps To More Sustainable Vegan Leather In Fashion

    Can James&Co be seen as the fashion industry's Elon Musk - albeit an Elon Musk pebble?  We call out an article in a recent Sourcing Journal edition. The Tesla electric car manufacturer is highlighted as the embodiment of a business which has sustainability embedded in its strategy to co-exist with the profitability driver. For the fashion industry to respond to the  demand crisis prompted by the covid-19 pandemic - increased consumer consciousness and increased intolerance for lacking environment and social concern. If the fashion industry can follow a similar model to Tesla - bringing the cost of sustainability down and the value of it up - fashion may be able to catch up to more innovative industries currently leaving it in the dust. How to do it? Start at the fashion business level“.. by developing your own sense of purpose…and if we can mobilize that, we can move mountains... We need an avalanche—and it’s pebbles that drive avalanches. I think we can all be pebbles."

    Agreed.  We think James&Co is a pebble driving the avalanche to ditch toxic leather look alternatives.