Our Authoritative Text On Sustainable Vegan Leathers Now Published On Amazon

Our Authoritative Text On Sustainable Vegan Leathers Now Published On Amazon



This book is about why the leather look synthetic fabric made in traditional polyurethane (PU) and commonly called faux or vegan leather has a limited future because of the impact it has on the environment and workers in its manufacturing process and its materials. No hypothetical about it. The replacement of PU with more sustainable eco vegan leathers has already started.

It details how China where 90% of the world’s PU is made has introduced environmental laws which will ultimately make its manufacture illegal – leading factories and labs to begin ending its making and switching to more sustainable eco vegan leathers. It outlines the response of global regulators to end its use. It covers how ending the use of PU fits in with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, calls for stakeholders for a circular economy for the fashion industry and industry collectives to end hazardous chemicals in textiles. And demand side calls by consumers for sustainability in products they buy.

It is about the growing availability of innovative lab-grown and plant-based sustainable replacements for apparel and fashion items (noting availability for where vegan leather/traditional PU is used such as upholstery, automobiles etc but James&Co is not in those industries). And the imperatives and opportunities to make the sustainable change.


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