Which Large Retail Brand Is Also Tailoring Womens' Outerwear In Sustainable Polyurethane?

James&Co is leading the charge for consumers and brands to make the sustainable choice of womens' outerwear that is tailored in what we call 'eco leather'.  It's technical names are waterborne polyurethane (WBPU), waterbased polyurethane, DMF-free PU, waterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUDs).
There have been scientific and technical developments over the past decade for fabric replacements that are animal-friendly vegan as well as sustainable. Used predominantly for accessories and shoes because not all are low enough density for apparel there are plant-based cork and mushroom fabrics.  There is also pineapple leaf leather called Pinatex which has developed to low enough density for outerwear and James&Co is also leading the charge in manufacturing collections in this.  Quite stunning! 
The difference between plant-based leather alternatives and the sustainable polyurethane alternative is that the latter creates the look closest to leather - just like faux leather/vegan leather.
With the scientific developments which have enabled a polyurethane fabric which is made with water and no harmful inputs, and James&Co being an early adopter to make its quality outerwear sustainable as well as vegan, consumers and brands can now make a difference to the environmental with a sustainable choice.
For those who may have doubts that our sustainable push for leather look alternative outerwear will not replace the traditional polyurethane faux/vegan leather, take a look at this. This leading retail brand will not allow its suppliers to use traditional PU in its products - it must be sustainable DMF-free. And it proudly advertises the fabric with its products.
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