About Cactus Leaf Leather

cactus vegan leather


Coming onto the market in 2019 is the innovative plant-based vegan leather alternative made in Mexico from cactus leaves.

It is made from nopal cactus leaves  grown on  plantation of the two entrepreneurs who developed it in the Mexican state of the Zacatecas. The two innovators were intrigued by the nopal cactus because it grows abundantly in Mexico and does not need any water to grow. They spent two years doing research and development for the way to turn nopal cactus leaves into cactus-based leather. 

Mature leaves are cut from organically grown cactus plants, cleaned, mashed, and left out in the sun to dry for three days prior to processing. It can then be dyed naturally using methods developed by the entrepreneurs' company. This makes for vegan leather that is certified organic and can hold up to regular usage for nearly a decade.  

Cactus leaves material is breathable, partially biodegradable and doesn’t contain any plastic.The fabric is all-natural and cruelty-free, certified organic, and can hold up to regular usage for nearly a decade. It is soft, durable, very high-quality and available in a variety of densities that can create products like car seats, shoes, handbags - and even apparel. James&Co was an early requester of sample fabrics and they are so impressive that we moving ahead with tailoring our outerwear in the the fabric. 

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