James&Co Partnership With AirRobe


James&Co has joined the Circular Fashion movement with AirRobe. Now, you can extend the life of your James&Co item by re-selling or renting your pieces back into a circular economy after you’ve worn and loved them. 


It is well known that the fashion industry is the 2nd largest contributor to landfill waste and is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. 

James&Co took the pioneering step of ditching traditional polyurethane (PU) for the tailoring of our products in 2018 and only tailors in the more sustainable lab-grown and plant-based eco vegan lether.

These textiles do not contain the harmful chemical present in traditional PU and have a much lower impact on the environment and workers in their manufacturing.

However, the synthetic textiles contain some fossil fuels needed to create them and hence they are not bio-degradable. The issue of end-of-life disposal of our products presented us with a problem for which we were looking for a solution.

In our book For The Planet By 2030: Why We Need To Switch To Sustainable Lether we wrote a chapter about 'Waste Management and Sustainability'. 

We quoted from a report on waste management released in Australia in 2020 'Towards a Waste Free Future Report':

Humanity needs to reduce the consumption of finite resources by deliberately designing products, systems and infrastructure with the aim of creating less waste - and by reusing, recycling and recovering valuable resources. By changing the linear model of consumption to a more circular model, we can shift to a more substantial course in which production continues to meet demand, supporting economic productivity while reducing our impact on the environment. 

AirRobe x James&Co

We now proudly announce our partnership with AirRobe and their Circular Wardrobe - the brilliant Australian initiative for keeping fashion pieces out of landfill by re-purposing them.  

Keeping fashion out of landfill and in circulation makes sense. It’s good for your wallet and good for the planet.

Here’s how it works

Step 1

As you shop, select “Yes” to add items to
your Circular Wardrobe.

Step 2

On the confirmation page you’ll be directed to set up a free AirRobe account. Your items, including the product images and descriptions, will automatically appear in your Circular Wardrobe.

Step 3

After you have worn and loved your purchase, you can re-sell, rent, or recycle your items on AirRobe marketplace, with one click.  

Step 4

You keep fashion out of landfill and reduce your carbon, water and waste footprint. 

Using your Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe

  • Login to your account on airrobe.com to view past purchases in your Circular Wardrobe. All product details and images are automatically loaded, making it easier to repurpose.
  • You decide when you re-sell, rent or recycle your items. 
  • With one click your item will be listed on the AirRobe marketplace for someone else to buy or rent.
  • Track your carbon emissions and money earned within your Circular Wardrobe. 

About AirRobe

By selling or wearing just one preloved fashion piece, you offset:

  • 19kg of C02 emissions
  • 95 litres of water
  • 2kg of textile waste

Currently, the fashion of today largely becomes the waste of tomorrow. AirRobe and James&Co are tackling this urgent problem with a focus on creating new ways to extend the life of fashion.