Recycling Initiative


James&Co is committed to making every stage of our eco outerwear product delivery as kind to the environment as we can make it.  We are committed to sharing the message to reduce, reuse, recycle traditional PU outerwear in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our leather look fabrics are sustainable. We no longer tailor in the traditional polyurethane (PU) called faux leather/vegan leather/pleather which is plastics-based with toxic solvents and made in a high CO2-emitting process.  We tailor in what we describe as eco leather which is a technology innovation to produce leather look fabric without plastics or toxins, and in a low emissions process.  We also tailor in Pinatex pineapple leaf leather. 

We package our outerwear in non-woven bags, not in plastic.  Our lining is recycled polyester. 

We donate excess stock to Good360 so it can be re-used by people in need. 

Now we are working on an initiative to help divert non biodegradable PU outerwear from landfill and to recycle it.  Not just the James&Co brand styles from earlier years, but any brand of PU faux leather/vegan leather outerwear. 

We are in conversations with recycling organisations in Australia, USA and UK about a partnership whereby you can send a PU outerwear product to them and they will do what is required to separate components including zips and studs and use the waste in new products - such as mattress fillings. 

Pending implementation of partnerships, we are starting with an initiative  whereby you return your used James&Co PU outerwear to us (or any other brand of PU outerwear) and we'll get it to the recycling experts.

Note: since implementing this initiative, we have learnt about this amazing Australian-scientist-developed technology that can recycle all forms of plastic. We're following up because sounds ideal for PU. 

What do I need to do?

1.  If you have a PU jacket which you will no longer wear, we recommend that if it is still in good condition that you donate it to a charity so it can be re-used.  

2.  If it is not in a condition to donate it, you can send it to us for recycling. 

3.  Place a Recycle Order for a $15 payment as contribution towards postage. We'll send you the postage label to send the outerwear to us.  

3.  Once we receive your product we will send you the Discount Code for $15 off your next James&Co eco leather product. 

4.  We will send returned products to Terracycle, the recycling experts. 

 Any questions, please email us.