James&Co Story

James&Co started business in 2012 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The business was established after the death of the founder's son James and following a career by her in law and telecommunications executive roles.  The business was given James' name as a lasting legacy. As part of that legacy we aim to support organisations working to raise awareness of and end deaths by suicide. 

James&Co was founded initially with the purpose of contributing to ending cruelty to animals. We were approved as a Peta-approved Vegan brand from day 1. 

Peta-approved Vegan logo

At the time of starting business, the only synthetic cruelty-free vegan leathers available for outerwear were polyurethane (PU) and polyvinylchlorine (PVC), both of which incorporated plastic and chemicals in their manufacture and are very harmful to the environment and workers. 

pu harmful to the environment

And now 9 years later thanks to technology and environmental persistence there are increasing choices of lab-grown and plant-based leather look alternatives.

We followed the developments closely and now the leather look fabrics we use are chemical-free and more sustainable as well as cruelty-free vegan. We have been able to incorporate our purposes for sustainability and contributing to a better world environment and have embraced the opportunity. 

Another significant development pertinent to the James&Co brand relates to the use of the word 'leather' as a textile descriptor.  In October 2020, the Italian Court made a decision that was announced as a win for the leather tanneries - that is, a ban on the use of the word 'leather' to describe textiles not derived from animals. It is widely expected that this approach will be adopted further - like the use of the word 'Champagne' to describe sparkling wine not from that French region, and the use of dairy terms of 'milk' and the like to describe products not derived from dairy animals.          

James&Co has taken the pioneering step of adopting the word 'lether' to describe its synthetic textile fabrics.  Simple move of dropping out the 'a' because No A = No Animal.  We are trademarking the term and would be pleased to discuss its usage with others so that its use becomes widespread. 

lether logo

We are the pioneer brand offering womens leather look outerwear which has discontinued use of PU and is tailoring in the plastic-free chemical-free water based PU (WBPU) which we call eco lether. The textile is created in laboratories predominantly located in China and is top quality for our apparel as shown in our Miriam collarless lether jacket (and now our lether™ gloves.)

Miriam jacket


We are also the leader in outerwear made in Pinatex pineapple leaf lether™ with some head-turning styles in the gold color:

Ellie in Pinatex pineapple lether gold


Our styles will now be available for tailoring in newly emerging cactus lether and in Italian VEGEA

We believe in supply chain transparency. With our switch away from toxic traditional pu for all our products, we have been re-establishing our supply chain.  To source the best most sustainable eco leather fabric manufacturers and the best most sustainable product tailors.  We'll keep you updated.

All suppliers are required to comply with Supplier Code of Conduct. We also have a Sustainability Policy setting out our environmental, health and social (EHS) objectives and we look to our suppliers to have sustainability policies with EHS. 

Sustainability Policy

James&Co is the brand that is both Peta-approved Vegan and a Certified B Corp

verification banner

We are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals so we can contribute to the achievent of those goals by collaboration across the whole fashion industry. And pursuing certifications by independent verified bodies to give you confidence in James&Co's commitment to doing good. 

support for sdgs

The demand for sustainable products is growing around the globe. So when you buy a James&Co product, you're not just buying a product.  You are joining forces with the growing community of people who want to make a difference to the animal world and the environment. 

You can read more about the contribution to ending toxic faux leather in our book For The Planet By 2030: Why We Must Switch To Sustainable Lether™ 3rd ed. 

cover of For The Planet By 2030 

In summary, James&Co is the only brand of womens' outerwear that is both vegan and more sustainable. 

We don't just make & supply top quality vegan leather jackets and coats.  We make & supply top quality vegan leather jackets and coats with the purposes of:

  • contributing to ending tailoring in real leather and making a difference to growing cruelty-free stances
  • contributing to eradicating toxic leather alternative traditional polyurethane (pu) and toxic raw materials in vegan leather alternatives
  • contributing to meeting global sustainability goals

And with an overriding aim to support work to raise awareness of mental health issues and lower the high rates of suicide by vulnerable people.