Private or White Label

James&Co is well regarded as the leading brand for tailoring our outerwear in sustainable leather look fabrics. Both vegan and sustainable outerwear. 

We have the knowledge and contacts to help retailers ditch traditional faux leather which is toxic to the environment albeit cruelty-free. And add products to their business which are sustainable leather look and branded with their own branding. Spread the message and help make a difference!

We are the 'go-to' company for retailers worldwide who have sustainability policies with targets about sourcing and raw materials but also have traditional faux leather fashion products in their stores - be it outerwear, shoes, accessories, beauty. Those faux leather products are a no/no for the environment.

We are the 'go-to' company for retailers selling vegan fashion products who describe their business as vegan and eco-friendly. But their alternative leather products are made in traditional vegan leather. Those products are a no/no for the environment. 

We are the 'go-to' company for new businesses - be they e-commerce and/or bricks and mortar - who want to include sustainable fashion products that are leather alternatives. Where do they go for suppliers and manufacturers? 

We work with our customers on their requirements to create their outstanding branded sustainable vegan leather products. From design through to final factory production.

We know where the regulated markets about traditional vegan leather is restricted and likely to be banned.  We have business relationships with the companies that have been in the R&D of the alternative to traditional vegan leather fabric.  We have business relationships with the manufacturers who can tailor fashion items in the new sustainable vegan leather. 

We are also an approved buyer of the Pinatex pineapple leaf leather so we can work with our customers who want to make fashion products in this fabric. 

Read our recently released book about the transition from toxic traditional vegan leather to the sustainable vegan leather. 

Please contact us to discuss private/white label opportunities for your business.