James&Co Sustainability Policy

James&Co Sustainability Policy image


Be the showcase business for sustainability and environmental health and safety (EHS) responsibility in what we do and how we do it in our field of eco lether™ wear. 


  • collaboration with all our suppliers of fabrics and tailoring of our products to improve sustainability across the holistic supply chain
  • collaboration with all national and interational industry and Government groups with goals for achieving sustainability goals
  • independent verification and certification of our claims for sustainability in our business practices, fabrics and products
  • encouragement and collaborative work with our suppliers to obtain independent verification and certification of their individual EHS status 
  • transparency in all steps of our supply chain
  • compliance by all suppliers with our Supplier Code Of Conduct
  • integrity in all our decision-making
  • continuous improvement in every aspect of our business

Important Issues

Our business faces many challenges and opportunities for our sustainability impact. 

Due to their direct impact on us and our stakeholders we have prioritized the following sustainable environmental impact issues that need to be addressed:

  • eradicating the use of chemical solvents by our suppliers in leather look alternative fabrics and products (which we describe as 'lether')
  • implementing environment harm minimisation impact practices in business operations of our suppliers, especially relating to CO2 emissions, water reduction and waste minimisation    
  • eradicating the use of plastics in packaging and environmentally-unfriendly accessories for our outerwear and accessory products

Our Commitment & Scope

This policy will apply to every dimension of our decision-making and operations. 


Eliminate or minimize the impacts of our fabrics and products so as to enhance the sustainability status of James&Co and our contribution to achieving global goals for sustainability:

  • ensure our Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all steps of our supply chain:
  • do not engage suppliers to manufacture fabrics or products for James&Co who have not signed up to the Code
  • obtain independent verification and certification of all our claims for sustainability in our business practices, fabrics and products
  • set measurable sustainability goals against which to report annually each year ending 31 December 


We will report back on our compliance with this policy at the end of each calendar year: 

  • the report will be highlighted on our websites and distributed through our emails, social media and PR campaigns.