James&Co Leadership In Sustainable Eco Vegan Leather Fabrics: Bluesign System Partner

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James&Co is thrilled to become the first brand in Australia to be a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER.  And the first brand globally for synthetic leather fabrics. 

bluesign system partner logo

What does that mean? 

At its core it means that James&Co is recognised as a purpose-driven brand and meets strict criteria set by bluesign® to join the team of partners working hard for a sustainable and responsible textile industry. 

 We will work with the suppliers of our synthetic leather fabrics to ensure the fabrics contain no chemicals hazardous to the environment and people and the method of manufacture has minimal damaging impact on the environment, and the health and safety of workers. 

It means that consumers of our products can have confidence in our responsible sourcing of materials for our outerwear and accessories. 

We're proud to be displaying an insignia for sustainable fashion leadership and positive environmental change. 

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