Sustainability + style + warmth

Cold winter here in the southern hemisphere. Thank goodness we can stay warm with jackets, coats and gloves with warm linings. And we definitely are of the view that we need to introduce some classy beanies in sustainable fabrics to keep the head warm. Love your thoughts. Click below and share thoughts about designs, fabrics, pom poms and everything else!

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Timeless Sustainable Fashion

Classics tailored only in sustainable vegan leathers. Not genuine leather. Not toxic traditional PU vegan leather. Waterbased PU & plant-based synthetic fabrics.

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James&Co Repurpose Program

We have a partnership with AirRobe for the re-purposing of our products purchased online. Coming into operation shortly is the program to enable upcycling of products purchased online or in store. Watch this space.

  • Read Our Book On WHY

    This 4th edition of For The Planet By 2030: Why We Must Switch To Sustainable Lether™ builds on the case made in the 1st  and 2nd editions.  That is, why traditional polyurethane( PU) needs to be replaced with more sustainable lether™ fabrics emerging because of the harmful impact on the environment and workers in PU’s
    manufacturing process and its materials. Get a free download.

  • James&Co Wholesale

    There is increasing demand by consumers for the sustainable choice in fashion. And increasing demand for vegan fashion products. Join James&Co as a retail partner and your business will make a significant contribution to the fashion industry's response to the UN IPCC calls for urgent action. And your business will thrive as eco conscious vegan customers purchase the James&Co leading brand.


We Believe Collaboration Will Drive More Sustainability For The Planet, People, Animals