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Buy a Tiffany buyer jacket tailored in VEGEA (more sustainable vegan leather made with grape skins) for 10% off. All orders are pre-order so allow 30-40 days for delivery.

For each purchase, we'll make a $50 donation to the Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

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    Classic jackets and coats tailored in the most sustainable synthetic vegan leather. Choose from biker jackets, collarless jackets, blazers, and coats. We'll keep you advised of availability of clothing in groundbreaking 100% plantbased MIRUM®.


    Bags, belts and gloves tailored in the most sustainable synthetic vegan leather. We'll keep you advised of forthcoming availability of bags and belts will be available in groundbreaking 100% plantbased MIRUM®.


    T-shirts and tops tailored only in the more sustainable and biodegradable textiles. Hemp, bamboo, GOTS Organic Cotton, and more.


    Pioneering brand in utilising innovating plantbased textiles for leather look that we are, coming soon are boots and shoes in 100% plantbased MIRUM®.

Belts Tailored in MIRUM® Available

James&Co is the prominent brand leading the end of plastics in synthetic vegan leather textiles. We can now provide you with stylish belts tailored in 100% plantbased sustainable and biodegradable MIRUM® textile.

And other plantbased textiles including woven hemp, canvas and the like.


What Textiles For Our Products & Why

On 19 July 2022 we announced a major pivot for the James&Co brand to address the harmful impacts of the fashion industry textiles on the environment. The same day as the Australian Government released the Statement Of The Environment report.

We made a pivot in 2018 to end tailoring our products in traditional PU and polyester. Emerging plantbased textiles were more sustainable and we considered it a move forward. Whilst more sustainable these plantbased + PU textiles still contain fossilfuel ingredients and are not biodegradable.

In July 2022 we made taken another step forward. New 100% plantbased synthetic leather alternatives are coming to market. We will be introducing new shoe range in 100% plantbased MIRUM. Textiles made from hemp, bamboo, cactus are great for our ongoing pieces - and emerging products T-shirts and tops. For products like our leather-look outerwear for which no 100% plantbased alternative is yet alternative, we ensure buyback and circularity.

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  • Read Our Book On WHY

    This 4th edition of For The Planet By 2030: Why We Must Switch To Sustainable Lether™ builds on the case made in the 1st  and 2nd editions.  That is, why traditional polyurethane( PU) needs to be replaced with more sustainable lether™ fabrics emerging because of the harmful impact on the environment and workers in PU’s
    manufacturing process and its materials. Get a free download.

  • James&Co Wholesale

    There is increasing demand by consumers for the sustainable choice in fashion. And increasing demand for vegan fashion products. Join James&Co as a retail partner and your business will make a significant contribution to the fashion industry's response to the UN IPCC calls for urgent action. And your business will thrive as eco conscious vegan customers purchase the James&Co leading brand.


We Believe Collaboration Will Drive More Sustainability For The Planet, People, Animals