Wholesale Terms & Conditions



1. All information about factories manufacturing the sustainable fabrics and the fabrics tailoring the products will be provided.

2. Orders can be placed online through this website, through other approved platforms or through authorised agents.

3. To place an order online on this website, you will need to be registered and logged in as a wholesale customer on the website.

4. Terms of payment are 40% at time of placing an order and final payment with shipping cost at time of despatching orders. Invoices will be issued at both stages.

5. Allow 30-60 days for completion of manufacture of your order. If there are any issues impacting estimated delivery we will contact you.

6. All shipping is based on international shipping rates.

7. Returns and refunds are available for items which are deficient in quality. Notification must be provided within 7 days of receipt and refunds must be approved by James&Co CEO. Returns to the manufacturer so that the product can be re-used will be paid for by the customer.

8.  Please also refer to the Commercial Terms and Conditions pertaining to contractual relationships with James&Co.